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What some of our customer`s have said:


Your pictures when you
send them in

January 2007

Kent UK

Waiting for the whistle with


and have attached a picture of

Tolly for the website.

Best wishes

January 2007


Shefield UK

Hi, we ordered 3 of your tags
in the middle of last year and
are delighted.

We are rescuing a deaf spaniel
pup and want one for him.

We had our name and
2 phone numbers on the other
tags, can we also have


engraved onthe other side please.

February 2007


From Gatwick I shall be heading east on the M25 to connect to the A12. I see that the M25 runs pretty close to Greenhithe and I wonder if it would be possible to drop in and pick up 5 whistles enroute??

Just wanted to let you know I arrived back in the US safe and sound Saturday. My fellow sheepdoggers and I was overjoyed with your whistles which I had the opportunity to practice with up and down the M1. I was getting so good at it that I kept looking in my rear view mirror expecting to see a whole pack of border collies following me.

A picture of my dog Nova


North Carolina. USA



March 2007




'Murphy was only with us for a short time, but he brought us lots of love, fun and happiness. He is greatly missed.'



Kent U.K.


April 2007


My dogs in the snow.

The red one is called Dyfi and he's a welsh sheep dog and the blue one is Patch and he is an Australian Cattle Dog.

The Whistle is fine.




Wales uk


June 2007

Sue and I have been learning together the sheepdog whistle commands for working with the sheep - she is so keen the whistle is great for attracting her attention. Thank you so much for the whistle sounds on your website - that was really helpful. Also thanks for your promptness
in sending the whistle.

Best Regards Gillian

Suffolk UK

July 2007

Hi there Geoff Back in May i bought a sheepdog whistle from you for my collie 'Willow' It took a while to master but now i have it mastered i find it great and my dog looks to that whistle every time wer'e out. The engraving was a really nice extra, which we will probably keep for years. She's 6 months now but heres a picture of her a little earlier for your website. Good luck for the future. Karl.


August 2007

Hello geoff
Thanks for sending the whistle so fast to me.I really appriciate it.
Here are some pictures of my dogs. The oldest is the tricolor. He is 3 years old and is called Desya.The other one is Brego and is 7 months.
Thanks for everything.




August 2007

Hi Geoff,

Please help, I've lost my sheepdog whistle.
I think I left it in Las Vegas! Please send me another one.

Thanks once again for the astonishingly prompt service. I've attached a picture of Heidi to add to your web site. She's looking a little less excited in this one than she does in the one of her I sent to you last year.
Thanks again




September 2007

Hello Bryn,

we see that you have a wonderful life. We are two Border Collies one Australian Shepherd and our master. Your master`s website is very interesting and gives many good informations.

Our master has such a whizzle your master sells. Our master has no own sheep or cows but we help the farmers around here to handle their animals. Sometimes we take part at trials. We hope you enjoy the pictures from us and have a nice time.

With kind regards from

Deary, Liska & Berrie

from north Germany


October 2007

My name is Zsolt Vago, I`m writing to give the details of the dog whistle and name tag . So, on the front side of the nametag I would like to have `KORMI` the name of the dog. On the back: Vago Judit my sister.



November 2007

This is my border collie "Luke." He is a year & 1/2 old & he loves to herd ducks the most!
We are both looking forward to receiving our commander whistle and learning its sounds.
Thank you for making an international purchase so user friendly and enjoyable!
Ps: Great website with a great gallery of photos! I give Sheepdog Whistle five stars * * * * *
Best regards,
Robyn & Luke

New Jersey, USA